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We are heirs of a respected artisan family, the Beig’s of Bota Kadal and in 2008 we founded Pure Kashmir.

The idea came when we were frustrated by websites selling fake machine made scarves as handmade products from Kashmir and the high end boutique shops selling the original handmade products from Kashmir at highly elevated prices.

Fortunate to have an artisan family background we decided to harness the power of internet to directly reach out to the admirers of high quality handmade Kashmir Shawls. It helped our customers bypass the supply chain that either resulted in highly elevated prices or compromised products.

Fast-forward a decade we have developed connections with some of the loveliest people on earth and continue to delight our customers with the best of craftsmanship that Kashmir has to offer.


Growing up watching my grandfather, Late Ali Mohammad Beig, assiduously embroidering a Pashmina shawl, who gave his everything to create these cherished pieces of art, our inspiration was clear: keep working with artisans as a family and never compromise on quality.

Our Fibers and Fabrics

We choose to work exclusively with high quality natural fibers. Whether it is our Handmade Cashmere Pashmina, Merino Wool or Silks, we always source the highest quality fibers.

We love these because their production methods are sustainable, their quality is unsurpassed, and their natural finish is one of a kind.

Certified Genuine

We don’t just rely on our claims of being genuine but we have been certified by the most relevant certifying authorities. We are certified by Craftmark India in all Kashmir Shawl making processes: Pashmina Weaving, Kani, Sozni Embroidery and Ari Embroidery.

We are also, through our parent company Shadha Crafts, G.I Authorized Users for the above Kashmir Shawl making processes. We are a company registered by Ministry of Corporate Affairs India.

Guarantee on Authenticity

All the details on our products pages are backed by our “No questions Asked Money Back Guarantee on Authenticity” policy. The composition of our products is verified by Independent Fabric testing labs across the globe.

Direct to you

By selling directly we’re able to offer the highest value and maintain a closer relationship with our customers.